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Creating a THRIVE Culture within your organization 

integrates the Success Catalyst foundational core philosophy of the THRIVE Formula with the strategical components of People Power and Empowered Leadership to create an organizational culture 

where results are maximized through growing developing and leveraging the core strengths of people.

An integral part of creating a THRIVE Culture is using proven assessments in the form of online questionnaires to uncover the hidden potential in your organization. We use the assessments for human capital and leadership development as well as to inform hiring and selection processes. 

The assessments reveal the true genius of your people so you can leverage the full power of your greatest organizational asset, 

Human Capital – your people!

Like my mentor John C Maxwell says: “Assets make things possible, people make things happen”.  Organizations are only as strong as their people. People are what make true magic happen. Uncover and leverage their truest strengths by creating a THRIVE Culture and you will be more success-full.

THRIVE Culture

  • The organization values people as it’s best asset
  • Self-awareness and authenticity is cultivated throughout
  • Authentic Empowered Leadership is supported and demonstrated at all levels.
  • Living the THRIVE Formula is a day to day practice company-wide.

I would love to talk more with you about what a THRIVE culture is and how we can partner together to create a THRIVE Culture in your organization. 

Simply follow this link and pick a time to talk with me (complementary of course) 


Get Clear! 

Get People Focused! 

Uncover and Maximize Your Untapped People Power and 

Cultivate Empowered Leadership to 

Create a THRIVE Culture in your organization and soar to new heights!

Be More Success-Full and More Fully THRIVE!

What type of companies can benefit from working with us and creating a THRIVE Culture:

Established Companies:

    • These are companies who are doing well and want to stay innovative and on the cutting edge so they can continue to Grow, THRIVE, Prosper (their people and customers) and Profit.


    • We work with the founders to tease out the key components of their culture and their leadership style. We dive into who they are as founders, what makes them tick. We figure out what their true genius is so that we can leverage their strengths and build the right team of people around them.
    • Generally speaking the start ups we work for are well funded either bootstrapped or with sufficient funding to get their people and culture off on the right foot straight out the gate – from the get go. Occasionally we are able to offer some cases where we can work together in exchange for “pie” (equity) these are special circumstances and only for select companies.

Companies with Challenges 

  • These are companies and organizations that are facing some challenges, perhaps are struggling and have to innovate, grow and develop their culture and their people. 
  • These companies may be dealing with and or multiple of the following challenges:
    • High turn over

    • Low morale

    • Lackluster engagement

    • Low employee loyalty

    • High absenteeism

    • Low productivity 

    • Poor work product

Does your culture have a virus of negativity?
Is a lack of trust crippling your culture?
Customer service taken a turn for the worse?
Under new leadership and need to mash up the status quo?
Are external factors forcing you to change how you do things?


We can help – reach out today


More Ways We Can Help

Executive Coaching & Training

The higher we travel up the levels of leadership the more people we are responsible for, the more critical our goals and objectives and the less structure and personal support we have to nurture us in our role. 

Generally speaking; responsibilities, pressures and other peoples’ needs go up while our personal support networks and resource outlets get smaller. 

High level leaders need an ally, an advocate and personal support to excel in their high pressure roles.  

Leaders and Executives can achieve more and

  excel at higher levels with a coaching expert

on their side. 

Help your Executives more fully THRIVE by allowing me to serve as their external co-creative strategic thinking partner. 

Together we can achieve more,  prosper and profit.

Schedule a complementary conversation to discuss how we can partner in coaching your executive team or have your executives reach out to me directly to explore the benefits of our coaching partnership.

Professional Coaching & Training

Do your people understand their unique genius? 

Are you helping your people to fully leverage their unique gifts, talents and interests?  

Our people are our most precious and underutilized resource for organizational success.  

Self-awareness, professional development, productivity, achievement, engagement, loyalty, innovation…

Coach and train your people to be their best and you will both prosper and profit.

Individual, Team and Group Coaching,

and Training and Mastermind programs 

are available for companies and organizations at the  professional, leadership and executive levels. 

Don’t miss another moment of leveraging the power of your people. 

Schedule a free consultation to explore the organizational coaching solutions that are right for you.

Click below to learn more about some of our programs.  

All of our consulting, coaching, speaking, training, and mastermind solutions are fully customize-able to meet 

your unique organizational needs, goals and desires.

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