Dealing With The Resistance

I was having a conversation with a fellow consultant friend of mine the other day and she kept acknowledging that she was facing some resistance to social media, resistance to what we altMBA-ers call “shipping” (putting out content).

hmmm. Resistance… this got me thinking…

What is it (resistance) for?

Is it good?  or is it a bad thing?

Why do we feel it?  When do we feel it?

How does resistance shape our actions?

Technically the definition of resistance is “an opposing or retarding force, an act or instance of resisting opposition,  a means of resisting”

resisting the status quo is a good thing and everyone wants to excel at resisting a cold or the flu

and yet …

resisting arrest can land you in jail

and too much resistance in the gym will make you pull a muscle

so, i would have to say: good or bad, well – it depends

Social media has become a very noisy world – some people are using it wisely, producing some really kick ass content and reaping great benefits. Some people are having a huge positive impact and even elevating their income with social media.  This might account for, what…? maybe 20% that falls into this category – even this is likely stretching it.

And then there is the other 80% of what’s out there – people wasting time, no engagement, messy, unproductive, noise and of course there are senseless photos of half eaten food and all kinds of other mostly useless bits of crap for content muddying up the social media waters.

Q: Where is this resistance coming from? A: It’s coming from the feeling that I don’t want to be just like the rest of the other 80% that is putting out crappy stuff just to say that I’m doing social media.

Q: Is this resistance good or bad?  A: This is good resistance 🙂 Come on, now – Nobody wants crappy, right…?

Q: Why are we feeling it?   A: Because our conscience is telling us that we want to create things of value, that we want to be of service, we are driven by a desire to surpass the 80% that is mediocre

Q: Why are we feeling it now?  A: Resistance is coming up now because we are faced with a choice: to do what the 80% is doing or to be better, be different, strive for more.

Q: How does resistance shape our actions?  A: It depends on what you do with it.

What’s a business person to do then?

Resistance is a way for your-self to communicate with you. When you sense resistance, know that it is trying to tell you something.  Go through these questions and get down to the heart of the matter. In this case, and in many cases, the resistance is shining a light on what we don’t want, so focus your attention on the flip side and re-orient yourself to the opposite, which is what you do want.

As far as this situation and resistance to shipping and putting out content on social media, the key is to:

Focus on connecting with those that you are here to serve and add value to them by contributing in positive and impactful ways.

Always be asking yourself “who is this for?”, “what is this for?”, “is this making a positive contribution?”, “does this add value?”,

Bottom line- always strive to

Create something that Matters!

Created with love and positive intention by Candice Czaplak | Success Catalyst | Founder of

How do you feel about resistance? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Is it getting in your way and you’re not sure how to break through it?  Let’s chat I’d love to help you break through it! 

4 thoughts on “Dealing With The Resistance

  1. Candice, very nice post. I like how you do the compare and contrast with resistance. The questions that you give are a good way to walk through in order to help myself work through my own resistance issues. It was very insightful to point out that resistance is trying to tell you something. I usually assume that resistance is bad and meant to fight, but you show that it does have a purpose. Thanks!

  2. Hi Candice,

    Veey intriguing thoughts. Thanks for sharing such a lively blog.

    If you were able to focus the resistance on that 80%, you would be my hero. Similar to Steven Pressfield, I believe that the Resistance will get more aggressive when you try to be different than the 80% or anyone else for that matter. The more you want to stretch yourself and try new things, the stronger the Resistance will be.

    No matter what the Resistance will do, I am certain you will dance with it and your beautiful work will shine.

    Keep shipping! Look forward to your next blog.


  3. Candice,

    I love this different look at resistance! I also struggle with social media and often question whether it is ultimately a healthy or unhealthy space. When I followed this thought through those logical steps, I found myself infinitely circling the drain. Social media, like other tools of modernity – tv, radio, global trade, travel – is just a tool. What we do with it makes its impact positive or negative.

    It also is… well… social! What we see on social media is a reflection of who we surround ourself with. Of our networks. I wonder what you could do to impact your 80:20 split?

    In reflecting on your resistance to social media… I am curious to prod a little further to understand the origins of the resistance. I have a few more questions to add to your list! When I experience resistance, I try to find the fear behind it.

    What scares you — and your friend, and me, and all of us who resist it social media? Do you worry about shipping crappy content? What makes you think that will happen? (For the record, from what I’ve seen of your work on other platforms, that doesn’t seem likely!) Do you worry about making a faux-pas in a new space? Where does that fear come from? Have you used new tech poorly in the past? Was your first email address something embarrassing (I know mine was!) Did you learn the space in the end?

    What’s the worst case scenario?

  4. Your play on the word “resistance” is super fun and made my brain do a little flip-flop to figure out how to understand the two types of resistance and how they go together. And although the word “resistance” is used in both instances and both deal with something pushing against you, I’m not sure I agree that the SAME resistance can either be helpful or hindering. I’ve been sitting here thinking about this for awhile now (seriously…thanks for making me think hard!) and for me the difference comes down to 2 things: 1) The context in which the mode of resistance appears…whether you’re presently avoiding work you WANT to complete or work you DO NOT WANT to complete and 2) “The RESISTANCE,” as Pressfield describes it, is almost a whimsical, nefarious creature whose sole purpose is to derail me. It’s trickery personified. The other type of resistance is a helpful signal like a gut feeling that tells you to steer clear of something. For me, these feel very different in the moment, but now I’m going to have to really think more deeply about that the next time I’m feeling some “resistance!” Insightful post, Candice! Thank you!

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