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Candice Czaplak

I help people and companies uncover their true Genius, be more Success-Full! and More Fully THRIVE.

Are you ready to THRIVE?

We are all unique and gifted with certain talents, aptitudes and abilities and I believe we are all here to serve a purpose unique to us. You have a special Genius and you are here to do something that only you can do. 

I believe each and every one of us deserves to be Success-Full! and deserves to Fully THRIVE!  You deserve to have all the time money freedom and joy you need to live the life you truly desire and leave a legacy you’re proud of without having to make stupid sacrifices or loose all sense of balance.

I help people understand their unique genius and live the THRIVE formula so they can prosper and profit and so that they can be, do, and have more of what they truly desire.

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I believe what my mentor John Maxwell says “Assets make things possible, People make things happen”. Companies and organizations are nothing without people.  People, human capital, and the human element are an organizations’ most precious resource and yet for most companies and organizations the human element (their people) is sadly left, hidden or misunderstood, under developed, poorly utilized, untapped, and most poorly maximized resource.

I help companies and organizations understand, develop, maximize and leverage the true Genius of their people so that they can prosper, profit and more fully THRIVE as an organization and have a bigger positive impact and get better results for their, people, for their customers and for their stakeholders.

Meet Candice

With Candice, Success Catalyst, empowered you’ll be, successful and thriving will demand she of thee.

People and companies she targets to know, so they see possibilities and are inspired to grow.

With a passion to maximize people, leadership and culture, co-creating epiphanies is what she lives for.

Magic tools of assessment and insight she brings, to uncover the genius you can’t readily see.

Clear knowing, clear seeing, she steps in your corner, to help solve your problems and break through to your better.

Get ready to learn, get ready to grow, and be willing to let go of the status quo.

Mediocrity will run and stale ideas will hide when Candice the catalyst is there at your side.

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Link to get in touch – shoot me a message, schedule a FREE call.